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Week 7 Term 2 2021 Newsletter

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Week 7 Term 2 2021 Newsletter


P&F Committee Meeting - 26 May 2021

The P&F Committee met last Wednesday evening. The Committee agreed that a summary be provided after each meeting, for the information of the school community.  

The Committee meets at 7pm on Wednesday of Week 2 and Week 6 of each school term. We aim to keep to one hour for meetings. Reports from the Principal, P&F President, School Board Representative, Treasurer, Canteen Manager, Uniform Shop Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator are provided and discussed at each meeting, and other items discussed as necessary.

Last week the Committee discussed the regular reports, and considered the arrangements for future meetings. Noting the easing of COVID19-related restrictions and the value of coming together for at least one meeting per term, it was agreed that from Term 3 meetings would alternate between face-to-face (Week 2) and online (Week 6). A zoom link will be available for those who are unable to attend in person for the Week 2 meetings.

The Committee also discussed planned community events for Term 3. We are pleased to advise that another nachos lunch will be arranged and we will be having a disco! After feedback from parents and carers, the Committee is looking forward to arranging a social event for the adults, likely utilising a local business, as an opportunity to get together and share some refreshments. More detail about these events will follow.

Of course, these events cannot proceed without the support of our St Joseph's families. We warmly welcome your attendance and contribution at P&F Committee meetings, and to help with our community events. More information about how you can get involved, or let us know how you are able to contribute, will follow.


St Joseph’s P&F


Dear Parents, Carers and the St Joseph’s Community,


Today it was announced to the staff, and also the students of 6 Lime, that Ms Emily Butler will finish at St Joseph’s at the end of Term 2. Emily has worked at St Joseph’s for much of the past 12 months and has made a positive contribution in her time. We wish her every success as she undertakes further full-time study. The appointment of a new teacher for Term 3 and 4 in 6 Lime will occur as soon as possible.

School Survey

We would like to invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at St Joseph’s Primary School.

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You are able to access the parent survey on your computer or mobile device by using the URL below:

No Hats for June and July

In line with advice from the Cancer Council and their Sun Safety guidelines, students do not need to wear hats during the months of June and July, due to lower UV levels – one less thing to hand back from Lost Property!

Combined School & Parish Mass

This Saturday 5 June at 6pm, we will be celebrating Parish Mass as a whole school community. This will provide us with the opportunity to come together as a St Joseph’s community, and celebrate.

We would love to see as many families at mass as possible.


St Joseph’s Winter Appeal

This June, we invite you to donate non-perishable food items to our St Joseph's table. These donations will be distributed by St Vincent de Paul to families less fortunate within our local community. Food items can include: canned goods (tinned vegetables, legumes, beans), pasta, rice, long-life milk, biscuits, noodles, spreads & preserves, or cereal.

Yours in Christ,

Cameron Tarrant


St Joseph’s Sacramental Program

Sacrament of the Eucharist

Holy Communion is scheduled for Sunday 15 August. Enrolment in this Sacrament is for Year 4 students who have made their First Reconciliation, as well as any Year 5 or 6 students who were unable to make this Sacrament previously.

Date of Sacrament:                Sunday 15 August

Time:                                    12:00pm

Registrations:                         Opening online at the end of Term 2 on the Parish                                                   website:

Sacrament Retreat Day:          Tuesday 12 August (for all Year 4 students)

Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be held on Wednesday 28 October. Enrolment for this Sacrament is offered to students in Year 6, who have made their Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Further information regarding enrolments and preparation for this Sacrament will be provided in Term 3.

Date of Sacrament:                Thursday 28 October

Time:                                    5:30pm

Registrations:                         Opening online at the end of Term 3 on the Parish                                                    website:

Sacrament Retreat Day:         TBA

All enrolments and payments must be done via the St Joseph’s Parish Website (not the school Qkr! account). Workbooks will be provided to each student enrolled and are to be completed at home, with their parents.

 Michelle Vuli

Religious Education Coordinator


Please remember to check for any overdue library books due back to the library.

Please contact me at if you think you have returned your book or if you have lost it.

Have fun reading this week.

Georgina Jaram

Teacher Librarian

Defence School Mentor News

Another fun week of learning for the kids at St Joseph’s. The Defence kids enjoyed sharing their learning with me.

Community news -  from DCO

To find out about events for ADF families in Canberra, visit our Eventbrite page. You'll be able to RSVP, add events to your calendar and share with friends. Send an email to DCO Canberra to join our mailing list. You'll get the latest information and updates from DCO Canberra, your local Defence community and the Canberra region.

Sally Adams

Defence School Mentor

Hi Everyone,

Due to the North Gungahlin Cross Country being held on Friday, I have lost my volunteers for the day. Therefore it will be a limited lunch order selection on Qkr! for the day. 

Regards Katie Jenkin

Canteen Manager

St Joseph Primary School

Just a reminder the cut off time for lunch orders is 8:50am.

Does your child need a new

water bottle? 

The new St Joseph's water bottles have arrived, and for the first couple of weeks come with a little extra inside. The water bottles are available through the Uniform Shop on Qkr! for $12.00 and for a limited time, might have a voucher to the canteen, House Points, extra play time... or even being Principal for the day! 


Congratulations to this week's award recipients. 

Students receive their award at Friday morning assembly at 8.50am. Parents are again welcome to attend this assembly, but photos will continue to be taken each week and shared via SZapp. 

Foundation Red

Lola O

Zachary T

Foundation White

Mason I

Tom D

1 Purple

Indie M

Charles P

Rishaan M

1 Teal

Emery D

Azrielle T

2 Magenta

Levi I

Anna J

Chloe R

2 Yellow

Amelia T

Gonzalo O-H

3 Black

Luerice G

Emily G

Clementine S

3 Navy

Marcos D C

James J

Dylan McG

4 Gold

Asher K

Georgina G

4 Green

Christopher B

Tom H

5 Blue

Anthony S

James A

5 Orange Diego L
6 Lime

Georgina R

Mia R

6 Silver

Ashera D

Hamish D

Sustainability Alice P

Happy birthday to these students celebrating their birthdays this week:


Esmee V-F
Antonija K
Laura P
Beatrice J



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